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Class Descriptions

Combination Classes

These classes are designed specifically for our small dancers ages 3 through 6 (preschool through first grade). The classes teach children the beginning fundamentals of ballet, tap, jazz, tumbling and/or lyrical. Ballet includes barre work, across the floor and center technique. Tap, jazz, and lyrical includes introductory skills, stretching, and technique. Students perform 2-3 dances in the recital.

Ballet Classes

Ballet classes are offered from a beginner level to advanced. Students are taught proper body placement, body alignment, barre and center floor work, along with across the floor combinations. Beginner classes introduce vocabulary, proper alignment, and classical ballet technique. Advanced classes include adagio and allegro work, and combinations using balance, strength, and style. In addition Pointe is offered. All students are urged to study ballet, as it is the foundation of all other dance styles and facilitates further success in these disciplines.

Tap Classes

Tap is a style involving rhythm, dynamics, and varying sounds. Tappers will have a graduated warm-up to loosen their ankles and knees for proper execution of skills, across the floor progressions and have center floor work to learn and perfect new skills.

Jazz Classes

Jazz classes are fun and energetic. They include such elements as kicks, leaps, turns, splits, and isolations. Classes include stretch and strengthening exercises, floor work, and across the floor progressions in addition to a center floor combinations.

Hip Hop Classes

Hip Hop classes combine street dance with funk and jazz, similar to what you would see in televised dance performances or music videos. Students will learn the importance of isolations and dynamics to execute pop-and-lock and funk movements.

Lyrical/Contemporary Classes

Lyrical is a style of dance that uses the emotion and mood of the music to elicit movements from the dancers. Students have a warm up focusing in core strength, flexibility, and movement of the back. The class includes floor work, progressions, and center combinations.

Acro-Gymnastics Classes

Acro-Gymnastics teaches strength, flexibility, and tumbling. Gymnastics skills include but are not limited to walkovers, limbers, handsprings, chest rolls, cartwheels/round offs, handstands, and more.

Pilates Classes

Pilates is similar to yoga but emphasizes your body’s core; the abdomen, obliques, lower back, inner and outer thigh, etc. Pilates develops strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance, and good posture, as well as promoting overall health. Pilates mat classes also incorporate exercises using the barre.

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