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Important Recital Information

TICKETS – Tickets will go on sale for our Sunday, May 31st recital during the week of April 27th.  Tickets will be sold at the studio during students scheduled class times.  Tickets will be sold for $15.00 each, children three years old and under are free, and all are general admission and non-refundable.  Parents and friends will be allowed to enter the auditorium 20 minutes prior to the performance.  To be fair to everyone, parents and friends are not allowed to save seats for late arrivals.

RECITAL HELP – We need parents to help backstage for each performance.  Please let Donna or Maria  know if you are able to help for either or both of the performances.  Parents that have volunteered to help should arrive 45 minutes prior to the performance the day of the recital.  We need two volunteers per preschool class to stay with the students in the backstage dressing rooms for the duration of the show. If we do not get 2 parents that are willing to volunteer, we will have to draw names.  Please see the Bulletin Board in the studio for sign-ups.

RECITAL PICTURES – Recital pictures will be done again by Donner Photographic.  I recommend that all families take advantage of the session because you are not obligated to purchase any pictures.  Pictures will be done on Wednesday, May 20th and Thursday May 21st at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 301 New Britain Ave., Unionville. All of the classes will have group pictures. There will be a specific time and day for all classes.  I am asking that everyone participates.  Picture viewing day will be Saturday, May 30th from 10am-2pm at the studio. All pictures will be available for purchase at that time.  All group pictures will be displayed in the recital program.  There will be a sitting fee of $10 per student per class for group pictures. THIS FEE MUST BE PAID PRIOR TO PICTURE DAY OR THE STUDENT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE. If you are not there for your picture you will not be in the program.  If you would like individual pictures done, appointments will be available after your group pictures.  You do not need to call to make individual appointments. We have allotted enough time after each group for everyone to have individual pictures done.

RECITAL VIDEOTAPES – Videotapes of the recital may be ordered the day of the show.  Video order forms will be distributed to students as soon as they are available.  Remember video and flash photography are strictly prohibited.  Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. You will be asked to leave the auditorium if you are videotaping. This is not only for the safety and security of the students and choreography, but it takes away from the service of a professional videographer.

TIGHTS & SHOES – There will be a list posted in the lobby of specific colors and styles of both tights and shoes for each class. If the student does not have the proper tights or shoes for the recital you will be asked to purchase them. You can purchase the tights online at or at Dancingly Yours (Rt.10, Plainville) or All That Jazz (Riverdale Farms, Avon).  Students with outstanding tuition balances will not receive costumes until their account is paid in full. Please remember that we have a box in the lobby filled with shoes. If you have shoes you no longer wear, you may leave  them in the box or if you need a pair for recital please look in the box before going out to purchase a new pair.

DRESS REHEARSAL  —- Dress rehearsal will be held on Thursday, May 28, 2015 at Farmington High School . All students are required to attend dress rehearsal.  All classes have a scheduled time to dance.  Please be on time, we will not hold any groups for late arrivals.  We are on a tight schedule and need to keep on time.  The schedule will be posted in the studio on the bulletin board after April vacation.  Once your group is finished dancing, you can leave.  In order for less confusion at dress rehearsal, we ask that only one parent accompany students.  If the auditorium becomes too noisy, we will have to ask that all observers wait out in the lobby. Students in multiple dances, please wear only 1 costume of your choice. We do not have the time nor facility to change costumes on Dress Rehearsal. (This does not pertain to the combo classes, please remember to bring all pieces and all shoes).

RECITAL – The Dance Connection’s 20th annual recital will be held on Sunday, May 31, 2015 at Farmington High School..  We will be having 3 shows this year. The performances will be 11:00am., 2:30pm. & 5:30pm.  Students need to arrive about 30 minutes prior to the performance. Students should report immediately to the backstage area.  Students are not permitted to leave the backstage area prior to the performance, especially once in costume.  Please label all costumes and accessories so nothing is misplaced.  All students need to have hair up in a bun.  Make sure to place bun in appropriate place if your child has a hat to wear.  No undergarments (underpants or tee shirts) will be allowed under any student costume.  Students must take off all jewelry the day of the show.  Students will not be permitted to dance if any of these rules are not followed.  If there is any sewing or pinning of arm pieces or headpieces, please make sure this is done prior to dress rehearsal.  Please see poster boards in the lobby for descriptions of costumes and accessories.   It’s a shame when a student works hard all year and then the day of the show her costume isn’t sewed or hemmed or pieces fall off while on stage, so please follow the instructions.  If you have any questions, please feel free to see Maria or ask your child’s teacher. *****There are many families with two or more sisters that dance.  Every year we are faced with the dilemma of trying to have them dance in the same show.  We try to do our best at making this work for everyone, but unfortunately it is not always possible. If this is the case for you, we will give you complimentary tickets for one of the shows.  This must be done during studio hours not at dress rehearsal or the day of the show. Students that split classes between different days are not guaranteed that all their dances will be in one show. Parents will have to buy tickets accordingly. There are no complimentary tickets for this situation. NO EXCEPTIONS MADE!

AUDITORIUM – There is no food or drink allowed in the auditorium.  All parents and students must help to keep the auditorium, restroom, and backstage dressing areas neat and clean.  If any of the rules of the High School are not met, we will not be allowed to use their facility in the future.  Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

*****There is no flash photography allowed in the auditorium*****

PROCEDURE – You may only enter or exit the auditorium immediately after a class has performed.  This will help to lessen the confusion in the auditorium.  This policy is strictly enforced.  Please be considerate of dancers on stage.  All students are required to stay for the duration of the show and participate in the finale, this will include preschoolers.  It is not fair to students dancing after intermission to dance for half of the audience.  We will have chaperones assigned to each preschool class.  There is a television monitor in the back so all students will be able to watch the entire show.  We will have crayons, coloring books, and activities to keep preschoolers entertained. Snacks are allowed in the dressing room. We ask that the students do not share because of possible food allergies. Absolutely no peanut products allowed. No soda or juice boxes, only bottles of water will be permitted. All students will be required to stay in the backstage area for the entire show.  There will be plenty of backstage help, so in the best interest of everyone, we ask that parents and friends remain in the audience for the entire performance.  Only people who have volunteered will be allowed into the dressing rooms.  Parents are asked to drop students off at the entrance of the dressing room.  Only volunteers with name tags and backstage passes will have access to the dressing rooms.  We are doing this for the safety of all students in the backstage dressing rooms.  The room is only so big and becomes very crowded.  All preschoolers will need to be picked up after the finale.  They will be kept backstage on the stage with Miss Maria and Miss Jenn.  Please do not come to the front of the stage, you will need to walk around and enter from the wings.  For safety reasons, there are no students allowed off the front of the stage.  These procedures will allow the recital to run smoothly without confusion and noise in the auditorium and allow parents to sit and enjoy the entire recital without worry.

PROGRAM ADVERTISEMENTS – There will be space available for advertisements, lines or special pictures in this year’s program.  All ads are for students and businesses.   Please see Miss Jenn or Donna for examples and separate notice for details. You can place a one or two line message without having to purchase an entire picture ad. This will be a memorable keepsake for your child so please consider placing an ad and picture in our commemorative program book.

If you have any questions please feel free to call the studio (860) 673-7457and leave us a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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