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Recital Information

Our classes have been working hard on preparing their dances to perform in our 22nd annual recital. This year’s theme is “Year In Review!” All of our class songs are faculty favorites and is set to showcase all they have learned this year!

You can access important recital dates, information, handouts and forms in this section of the website. Check back often for updates!


Please be sure to read through our recital procedures carefully. There is a lot of important information that all parents need to know.

All parents are required to read our backstage rules to avoid any problems on recital day! You can find a list in our “Important Recital Information” section.

All students are required to have the proper tights and shoes for recital. We will have class-specific colors and styles available in our “shoes and tights” section over the next two weeks.  You can purchase the tights at All That Jazz, Dancingly Yours and at

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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