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Summer Dance Camp

Summer Dance 2011 is on it’s way. Here is some information from Summer 2010!

August Summer Dance Intensive

Experience a variety of classes each day!
Guest Instructors and Dance Connection Faculty
(Open to all students)
Ages 9 and older

The Dance Connection will be offering 6 days of a dance intensive during the month of August. The first week of classes will run August 17th – August 19th (Tuesday-Thursday). These classes will be taught by Dance Connection teachers and will be from 11:00 am-3:00pm. The classes will consist of Stretch/strengthen, Jumps, leaps and turns, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Ballet.

The second week will be August 22nd – August 24th (Monday-Wednesday). The second week of classes will be from 11:00 am-4:00pm with a variety of classes each day. The classes will be taught by new and returning well known guest teachers in Jazz, Tap, Rhythm Tap, Lyrical, Modern, and Hip Hop. The classes will be divided by age and ability with 9-11yrs olds in studio 1 and 12 and older in studio 2.

The cost for the first week of classes is $180.00 ($15.00 per class X 4 hours)

The cost for the second week of classes is $300.00. ($20.00 per class X 5 hours)

If you take both weeks the cost is $460.00 ($20.00 discount)

Summer Stompin 2010

4-6 year old Dance and Activities Camp: Please register by June 18th

Do you want to be a princess? A movie star? Maybe a Cheetah Girl or perhaps you would like to be a fish under the sea? You can be all this and more at our all new dance and activities camp for 4 to 6 year olds. Each day has a creative theme while incorporating ballet, jazz, fun new tumbling (including a balance beam!) and arts and crafts! It is a fresh and exciting experience for new and returning campers. Friends and family are invited to a performance at the end of the session!

July 20th-July 29th Tuesday-Thursday $200 9:00-12:00

Summer Dance Classes: Please register by June 18th

We are offering classes for all ages! This gives students a unique opportunity to experience the fundamentals of dance through strengthening and technique in their choice of Jazz/Hip Hop and/or Tap. Take one or take them all! Grade level classes allow for focus on developmentally appropriate steps.

All classes run Tuesday-Thursday from July 20th-July 29th

1st-2nd grade: Jazz/Ballet 12:00-1:00 $120

Tap 1:00-1:30 $80 Both Classes: $190

3rd-4th grade: Jazz/Ballet 1:30-2:30 $120

Tap 2:45-3:30 $100

Both Classes: $210

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