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Program Advertisements


A printable form will soon be available here.

Placing an ad in the program for your dancer is a great way to wish them luck and show your support before their big performance! Whether this is your child’s first or seventeenth recital, or any year in between, personalized advertisements are special!

Ad’s come in quarter page, half page, or full page size.  Quarter pages include one photo, half pages include up to two photos, and full size pages can include up to four photos. You can personalize what you would like to say so that each ad is unique and individual to each performer.  If display ads are not in your budget, we offer “lines”. Ad lines give you the chance to wish your dancer luck for a small charge per line. There are no photos available for line ads.

Program ads are beneficial for businesses too! Promote your business by placing a ‘business ad’ on either a half or full page layout.

To see sample ads, please stop into the studio and ask to see a previous years program.

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