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Studio Closings

The Dance Connection will be closed on the following dates:

  • October 9th - Columbus Day

  • November 20th - 24th - Thanksgiving Recess

  • December 25th - January 5th - Holiday Recess

  • February 19th - Presidents Day

  • March 29th Good Friday 

  • April 8th-12th - Spring Break 

  • May 27th - Memorial Day

  • June 1st or 2nd Recital TBD (Tentative Date)

  • June 8th or 9th Recital TBD (tentative Date)


Inclement Weather​

Due to severe weather, the studio occasionally may have to close. If a class is cancelled more than 2 times, makeup classes will be scheduled in April or June prior to the recital.


Closings will be announced on the website /Instagram/FB, NBC CHANNEL 30. We also  have an automated text Alert system you can subscribe to by texting  @danceconn to (475) 529-2274. 

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