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Class Policies

The Fall schedule is contingent on the number of students enrolled in a class. If there is not a sufficient number of students, we reserve the right to cancel or change the class to an alternate day/time. The Dance Connection will make every effort to find another class of similar level on an alternate day.

If a student misses a class due to illness, they may make the class up in one of comparable level. There will be no refunds or credits for classes missed. Students must notify the instructor prior to attending a make-up class.

If the instructor cancels a class due to illness, a make-up class will be offered. The Dance Connection reserves the right to substitute a teacher for any class without notice.

If your child is in the last class offered on a particular day, please be sure to pick them up on time. If you know you will be late, please notify the instructor prior to class. The Dance Connection is not responsible for students after their scheduled class time.

Parents are encouraged to view their child’s classes. However, in the best interest of the students, there will be designated parent observation days that will be scheduled three times during the year. All other times, class studio observation will be closed to ensure that your children are getting the best out of their instruction without distraction.

Class Conduct

Students are expected to show respect for their teacher, classmates, and for our facility by:

1.     Arriving to class on time.
It is disruptive to students when you enter class after it has begun.


2.     Listening during class and giving your teacher your full attention. 
You will miss something important if you are chatting with your friend or otherwise occupied while the teacher is talking and paying attention shows your teacher you are ready to dance. Also, it is respectful to watch your classmates when they go across the floor. They are quiet and watch you, please do the same for them.


3.     Trying…HARD! 
Dancing is hard work! Always give your best effort and never give up. You will achieve that hard step with the right attitude and lots of practice!


4.     Applying the corrections your teacher gives you. 
You will become a better dancer all around and improve more quickly!


5.     Coming to class prepared to dance.
Wear the proper required attire and pull your hair back neatly and securely off your face so it doesn’t fall out while you are dancing. Make sure you have both your shoes (and that they are the correct kind).


6.     Being partners with anyone.
You will meet a lot of new friends in dance class. Introduce yourself and be partners with anyone, even if you don’t know them.


7.     Being gentle with the mirrors and ballet barres. 
Don’t hang on the ballet barres. They may come out of the wall or break. Try not to put your hands on the mirrors- they get covered in fingerprints easily.


8.     Not chewing gum in class.


9. Helping to keep our lobby clean.
Keep your belongings together, use the cubbies if possible, hang your coat up. If you eat a snack in between classes, please throw away the wrappers. If you spill or drop anything, please clean it up right away so that crumbs don’t get stepped on and drinks don’t stain the carpet. Please tell a teacher if you need help. You won’t get in trouble…WE PROMISE! Please tell a teacher if you use the last paper towel or toilet paper roll so that we can restock it- and please be sure paper towels make it into the trash in the bathroom. We are lucky to have a beautiful studio. Let’s all help keep it that way!

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