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Class Attire

Students must attend class in the proper attire.

For all classes, boys should wear shorts/black dance pants and a tee-shirt with the correct shoes.
Attire can be purchased at  Dancingly Yours (Plainville), Dance Village (Manchester), or other local dance stores and online at Discount Dance Supplies.

Class Attire Details

Combination Classes

  • Black leotard, pink or white tights, pink ballet shoes (split sole for K-1st grade classes), black patent leather tap shoes

  • We recommend “tap ties” for tap shoes instead of the black laces that come with them.

  • Leotards with attached skirts are acceptable if desired, but please no unattached skirts.

Ballet/Pointe Classes

  • Black leotard, pink tights, pink split sole ballet shoes (Canvas Preferred)

Lyrical Classes

  • Ballet attire

  • Bike shorts permitted

  • Convertible, footless, or stirrup tights

  • Body Wrappers Angelo Luzio pirouettes in tan leather or Capezio Tan pirouettes leather

Tap and Jazz Classes

  • Any color leotard and tights

  • Bike shorts and dance shorts permitted (no pants)

 Tap Shoes:

  • Level 1 and Level 2 classes: black patent leather tap shoes

  • All Level 3 classes: Black slip on tap shoes (style #LS3007L or #S0361L)

  • Level 4-6 classes: Black Jason Samuels Smith or Bloch Respect in Black

 Jazz Shoes:

  • Caramel jazz oxfords with a split sole for all levels. Suggestion: capezio CG15 or EJ2 or Sansha brand

Hip Hop Classes

  • Comfortable clothing , bike shorts, dance shorts & pants permitted (no jeans)

  • Black jazz sneakers


  • Any color leotard and bike shorts with bare feet

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